November 20, 2013

Rainbow's End - SNOW CLEARING PLAN 2013/2014

This is the second year we have provided this popular service and we have refined and clarified some of the operating processes for 2013/14.

The teams of two or three will clear snow form your driveway, pathway and sidewalk using a snow-blower and snow shovel. We can also provide a salting service for your sidewalk or path/steps if you let us know.

Rainbow’s End always tries to offer great services at fair prices but in order to do so there are some important guidelines that customers need to be aware of outlined below.



When do we come out?

When we get 5 centimeters (2 inches) snow or more and the team will automatically come out and clear the snow.

We start clearing snow at 8 a.m. Monday to Friday, but cannot guarantee we will clear you snow at a particular time of the day.

We will clear your snow once the snowfall has ceased or almost ceased. We will clear your snow once per day, but if we do get successive days of snow we logically have to charge each time we clear it.



If you do not want your snow cleared for any reason please call to cancel by 8:00am of that day, otherwise we will have already dispatched the team and will charge a 50% call out fee.


Rates and times when extra charges will apply:

We work out our prices based on 30 minutess of clearing time for a crew of 2. Sometimes there will be 3 on a crew but this will not affect your billing.

If we get a large snowfall of 6” or more (based on figures from The Weather Network Hamilton or Burlington) it will take us more time to clear and we will charge more.

If you request that the crews clear snow from areas other than those we have quoted on we will charge more to do this.

We invoice at the end of each month for the snow clearing done in that month.