July 17, 2015


On 24th June ED of Rainbow's End, David Williams was interviewed by Ted Michaels for the Mind Matters radio show on CHML. Ted and David discussed the significant numbers of Canadians afflicted with mental health challenges. They speculated that the oft quoted 20% of people with addiction and mental health concerns might, in fact, be even higher.

David talked about the different social enterprises run by Rainbow's End and how important they were for creating real working opportunities for people with mental health concerns. "All our team-members are managing their illness effectively and have references from support workers who can vouch that they are fit for work" said David. Many team -members have years of valuable experience to bring to the workforce but find it difficult to get an opportunity to work. Rainbow's End provides real jobs for folks who really want to work.

We also provide work experience for some team-members who are working for the first time, or after a long break. "They need to be reliable and willing to work hard under the supervision of an experienced team-leader to stay on the team" said David "The aim is to insure that our team-members get real-world experience and are ready to get a job with similar skills anywhere else, but we provide the opportunity to build those skills under sympathetic supervison"

Ted and David discussed the great successes that Rainbow's End has seen with it's new Colours Cafe social enterprise (now into its second year) and Mow-Town, the long-standing and popular landscaping service. "These two enterprises have grown significantly in the last two years" said David "everyone in the Rainbow's End organization is justifiably proud of the performance of these two businesses".

David pointed out that the success of all the enterprises was not only due to the team-members and staff at Rainbow's End but alos because of the support received from local businesses, groups and funding bodies that have continued to believe and help build-up Rainbow's End. "We get donations of equipment, money, time  and skills to help keep us going.  We could not function without our supporters" said the ED.