Hamilton Community Foundation award received for Growing Strong initiative

In December 2019 Rainbow’s End Community Development Corporation was awarded funding by the Hamilton Community Foundation to help grow employment opportunities for people living with mental health challenges. Specifically, the award was to support our “Growing Strong” initiative that will expand the landscaping social enterprises, Mow-Town and The Clean-Up Crew. The award will allow us to increase the size of our teams, retain a permanent operational leader and expand our landscaping services.

The local communities will see following economic and social benefits:

  • the creation of stable and paid training and working opportunities for marginalized people
  • an increased level of participation and interaction that creates a feeling of belonging and contribution to the community 
  • residents will be able to access services at fair prices and added social benefits

We would like to recognize and thank Hamilton Community Foundation for their support as we drive to achieve our our mission.

Hamilton Community Foundation has been working to drive positive change in Hamilton since 1954. We do this by helping people give in a way that has meaning to them and impact in the community, providing grants and financing to charitable organizations and initiatives and bringing people together to address priority issues that affect Hamiltonians. Last year HCF gave 587 grants to 227 charities, totalling $7.2 million. We also provided loans of $5.1 million to charities and non-profits across Hamilton.