Colour’s Cafe – Weekend Shift Supervisor – CLOSED

Keyholder Position

14 hours per week (Sat & Sun 9-4)


The Shift Supervisor – Overview

Shift Supervisors report directly to the Café Manager. As the name implies, the Shift Supervisor is responsible for the management of shifts. In this regard, they have operations responsibilities, cash management responsibilities, opening and closing procedures. They also have supervisory responsibility of team members to insure that team members report to work, do their jobs according to operational standards, and are ready and able to work their shifts. They generally do not handle disciplinary matters with employees, but may handle “immediate to resolve” customer complaints.

Supervisors must be able to perform all functions within the café “front of house” and be able to cover for any absent employee. Supervisors are also responsible for stock and communicating with the Café Manager to ensure adequate supplies for the smooth and efficient operation of the Café.

The Shift Supervisor – Detailed

  • Opening and Closing the Café (Key Holder Position)
  • Verify the Opening floats (Register Till and Safe floats)
  • Setting up the Cash Register, verify the previous shift was closed properly
  • Complete the top section of the Daily Report
  • Brew sufficient coffee for the Café opening
  • Set up the food assembly area, turn on necessary equipment
  • Set up the coffee condiment areas
  • Inspect the Café for general cleanliness
  • Call Security to unlock the forensic side door
  • As Attendants and Built Team arrive, check their appearance
  • Record staff members arrival on the Daily Report
  • Assign or delegate tasks to newly arrived staff
  • Organize and observe team members during their shift
  • At Close, politely usher out any remaining customers
  • Lock the Public Side Door and Call Security to lock The Forensic Side Door
  • Empty and clean All coffee carafes
  • Empty all garbage cans
  • Breakdown and clean Coffee area’s and Food Assembly area
  • Wash all dishes / equipment and allow to air dry
  • Turn off and clean Toaster, grill, and microwave
  • Complete the Café Sales and Summary report
  • Complete the Daily Report
  • Set up the next day’s Register Till float
  • Verify the Safe Float
  • Put all required documentation in a deposit envelope
  • Place Deposit envelope in a Deposit bag and lock the Bag and the Till float in the safe
  • Inspect the Café as you are leaving and verify Forensic door is locked
  • Turn off lights and verify the Public Side door is locked when you leave

As required the Shift Supervisor will also:

  • Inform the Manager of any issues in a timely manner
  • Verify and put away any deliveries
  • Call House Keeping for services such as spill cleanup or restocking soap and paper towels
  • During busy periods, The Shift Supervisor will perform in one of the following positions and delegate the others:
  • Order taking/cashier
  • Order filler
  • Food Assembler