Trillium Funding award helps Rainbow’s End post-pandemic

Rainbow’s End has been awarded important funding by the Government of Ontario through the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF). The grant comes from the Resilient Communities Fund, a fund designed to support projects in the not-for-profit sector, in the post-COVID 19 pandemic era. Rainbow’s End will invest in rebuilding the social enterprises that it manages that, in-turn, improve employment opportunities for people living with mental illness.

Specifically, the funding will help to hire a full-time landscaping supervisor, purchase equipment, improve efficiencies and generally extend the range and quality of work that can undertaken by Mow-Town and it’s team-members. The fund will also be used to develop the catering opportunities for the food service social enterprise, The Rainbow’s End Bistro, and it’s partnering operation, Colours Cafe.

In addition to investing in specific social enterprises, the fund will enable Rainbow’s End to hire a communications specialist. This individual will maintain and improve communications regarding the organization specifically and the cause of mental health awareness and stigma reduction more broadly.

“The OTF award is vital to our organization as we work through this very difficult period, post pandemic. We have great enterprises, enthusiastic team-members, and an ever-increasing customer base, many of whom are long-term supporters of our mission. This award will enable us to offer more work to people who really need it, and to provide residential customers with important services such as grounds clean-up and snow-clearing at fair rates”. David Williams – ED , Rainbow’s End Community Development Corporation.