About Rainbow’s End

Rainbow’s End is a registered charity that employs people living with mental illness in a series of social enterprises. A social enterprise is a business venture supported by a non-profit organization that has both social and financial goals.

The social goal of Rainbow’s End is to provide year-round employment opportunities for people with mental health challenges and to challenge the stigma associated with mental illness. We do so by providing our customers high quality services in our various businesses.

Our financial goal is to manage our businesses efficiently and sustainably so that we can continue to provide work for our employees and offer high quality services at competitive rates for our customers.

Our employees are team-members and every team-member has the chance to build good work habits, earn a fair wage, and develop skills that enhance their quality of life and self-esteem. Rainbow’ End provides a safe, respectful and accommodating work environment.

We provide opportunity where there was no opportunity.


Rainbow’s End was established in 1997 as a training program for people living with mental illness. Rainbow’s End has evolved into a registered charity running a series of thriving social enterprises that provide training and real work experience opportunities to its team-members.

The social enterprises run by Rainbow’s End have grown from simple residential grass cutting into landscaping and decks operations, janitorial and grounds clean-up, food services and specialised sewing services.

Maintaining revenues and avoiding losses are key to our sustainability and investments for growth. Rainbow’s End is supported by revenues from our businesses, community grants and donations. St. Joseph Healthcare Hamilton is a key sponsor of our organization.

Rainbow’s End also advocates for mental health awareness through participation on cable shows (“In Depth with Mike Fortune”, Cable 14), on the radio Ted Michaels on 900 CHML and McMaster radio CFMU) and through print and online media (Hamilton Spectator, CBC).

In 2014 we were proud to receive the Spirit of Hope Award from St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton Foundation.

As a community organization, we participate in events and studies that help focus on the challenges of living with mental illness. We have worked and continue to work with groups at McMaster, Queens and Mohawk, and participate in numerous Q&A panels and community events.



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