In Depth with Mike Fortune

In 2012, Rainbow’s End, in collaboration with Mike Fortune and Cable 14 announced the launch of In Depth with Mike Fortune, a Cable 14 program focused on mental illness and the role it plays within the Hamilton community.

Each episode provides viewers with in-depth, thought provoking commentary from local panelists on issues such as mental illness and the youth population, suicide prevention and intervention and substance abuse and addiction. Mr. Fortune will moderate a series of panel discussions which will tackle the key issues surrounding mental illness, while addressing these issues at a local level. The 11-episode series sheds light on this often invisible, yet pervasive health issue.

A list of Episodes:

  • Intro to Mental Health, Illness and Wellbeing
  • Sign, Prevention, Intervention and Support
  • Suicide Prevention & Intervention*
  • Mental Illness among Youth & Children
  • Mental Illness:  Alphonse’s Story
  • Mental Illness and Poverty & Homelessness
  • Meaningful Work Opportunities for those with Lived Experience
  • Mental Illness and the Aging Population
  • Mental Illness and the Justice System
  • Mental Illness and Family
  • Substance Abuse and Addiction



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