Mental Health Stigma

What is Stigma?

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) defines Stigma as being made up of two parts: negative and unfavorable attitudes, and negative behaviours that result from those attitudes. Stigmatizing behaviours often result in discrimination against individuals, resulting in barriers to employment, housing, education, and social opportunities.

Individuals who experience stigma and discrimination may also experience self-stigma. Self-stigma occurs when an individual starts to believe and internalize the negative attitudes and behaviours toward them and limits their activities and personal goals because of these beliefs.

Rainbow’s End believes that everyone, regardless of illness, has the skills and potential, along with the right, to be an active and contributing member of the community. We believe that all members of the Rainbow’s End community have the right to full access to employment, housing, education and social opportunities. We realize our beliefs and goals through social enterprise


Mental Health Commission of Canada



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