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Clean-Up Crew

The Clean-Up Crew is Rainbow’s Ends janitorial and grounds clean-up team. The team-members work at businesses across Hamilton, providing indoor janitorial services and outdoor litter clean-up. The services provided by The Clean-Up Crew are: ...

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Colours Cafe

Colours Café is one of the food services enterprises run by Rainbow’s End. Thanks to support from St. Joseph’s Healthcare the Café was opened In February 2014 as a part of the new ...

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Get R.E.A.L.

This is the casual labour pool that Rainbow’s End operates. Any non-regular or temporary working opportunities that we undertake are managed through this social enterprise and includes flyer delivery and small apartment moves.

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Heck-of-a-Deck is the deck maintenance crew for Rainbow’s End. The services provided by Heck-of-a-deck include: Sanding Staining Painting Power Washing/Cleaning (concrete patios and wooden decks) Setting of Hardware Repairs The Heck-of-a-Deck Crew will ...

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Mow-Town is the longest established social enterprise managed by Rainbow’s End. The crews are very experienced and new team-members supplement the existing crews when business is booming. The services provided by the Mow-Town are: ...

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Pins 'N Needles

Established in in 2005, Pins ‘n Needles is the specialty sewing team of Rainbow’s End. The sewing enterprise is a small group, primarily focussed on the production of Dream Kits, a combination of pillow ...

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Snow-Town is actually Mow-Town in it’s winter gear. We clear heavier snow-falls (2” or more) for around the city for residential and commercial clients on a per call basis. We provide basic “Snowbird” coverage ...

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The Rainbow’s End Bistro

The Rainbow’s End Bistro is the newest social enterprise managed by Rainbow’s End and part of our Food Services Group. The Bistro provides cafeteria and catering services at the 100 West 5th site ...

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