The Rainbow’s End Bistro

The Rainbow’s End Bistro is the newest social enterprise managed by Rainbow’s End and part of our Food Services Group. The Bistro provides cafeteria and catering services at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton West Fifth Hospital.

The objective of the Bistro is to create a welcoming environment where staff, patients and families within the hospital can enjoy handcrafted meals made with fresh ingredients while being served by our attentive, friendly staff. The main theme of the Bistro is “belonging”—being part of a community with people regardless of their situation. Belonging for patients and their families who can enjoy a nice retreat “outside the hospital”, and belonging for our employees who can, without prejudice, showcase how capable they are while serving their community

Come enjoy our high quality food prepared in house!


Although all members of our food preparation team are all qualified safe food handlers, Bistro provides additional opportunity for training in food preparation, food handling and food presentation. We recruit more team-members as the demand for our services grow, and the team at the Bistro and Colours Café are cross trained so that they acquire all the skills necessary to work in full serve food establishments or café environments.

Once trained, experienced team-members can elect to stay at Rainbow’s End or move to other companies and progress their career in food services.

One position at the Bistro is held as a permanent employment training post and we work with community groups like the YWCA and Inspiration Place to offer 3-months work experience to candidates that they nominate.



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