I LOVE Mow-Town and everything you stand for. I’m in the business of branding and advertising, so I know a thing or two about what makes a brilliant brand.

I see that YOU deliver true compassion. You put yourselves in the place of the employees you hire and the customers you serve—and you bring the best of humanity to both: You deliver, every step of the way. I’ve seen your team’s beautiful work; I’ve loved dealing with ALL of you; your customer service is STELLAR. Yours is a brand to be really proud of. So thrilled to be working with you guys.

-Betsy (Customer)

Mow-Town has been cutting my lawn for a few years now and I am exceptionally pleased with their service. The staff is pleasant, courteous and dependable. It’s a real treat to come home from work to a lawn that has been cut and so nicely manicured… and they do a great job with the clean up. I highly recommend Mow-Town to anyone looking for a great lawn cutting service for a very reasonable fee.

– Cathy (Customer)

Mow-Town has been cutting my lawn since the business started. I look forward to seeing them. They always have a smile and a “hello” for me. They take pride in their work and always do their best.

– Cindy (Customer)

The Mow-Town crew are always extremely polite and reliable and take great care of my grass cutting and keep the driveway and paths neat and clean. They do a fantastic job: it’s the best lawn care I’ve ever had. I’m so happy to have them taking care of my grass, etc. Thank you for this service.

– Wendy (Customer)

At the times when I have attempted to get a job in the general employment market I have constantly run into the stigma people associate with mental illness. Whenever the Interviewers have asked me to explain the gaps in my work history the subject of my schizophrenia has come up. Invariably the interviews go pear-shaped following my self-disclosure. The only employer that has taken my mental illness into account and still provided me the opportunity to work has been Rainbow’s End Community Development Corporation.

– John (Employee)

What I enjoy about Mow-Town is that it teaches me a lot about teamwork, demonstrates the art of communication skills, builds self-esteem, and teaches me to deal with work-related stress and how to cope with it. I learn problem solving skills and how to interact with other team members.

– Mike (Employee)

I like Mow-Town because it gives me the opportunity to learn new skills. Skills like communication, taking direction, time management and equipment use. It gives me a chance to meet people.

– Bill (Employee)

It makes me feel good to make friends and learn to work cooperatively at Rainbow’s End. My job in janitorial with the Clean-Up Crew and in sewing with Pins and Needles helps my self esteem, and helps to make somebody else smile.

– Sheryl (Employee)



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